Privilege Club Membership Subscription for Diverxin Omega 3 Fish Oil+

$22.20 / month


You are one of the first 5000 people  to take up our offer, you have been given a FREE MEMBERSHIP into our Privilege Customer Club where you’ll qualify to receive a FULL 40% DISCOUNT ($14.80 Saving) on all your future packs of Diverxin Omega 3 Fish Oil+™, which means that  Your cost for Diverxin Omega 3 Fish Oil+™ is only $22.20 (exclude shipping & handling)

And just so you won’t ever be without Diverxin Omega 3 Fish Oil+™ to keep you in the peak of health, You’ll automatically receive a fresh pack every 4 weeks and your credit card will be charged the Privilege  Customer Club Member Price of $22.20 + Shipping ( shipping rate varies ) , not the $37.00 + shipping for non-member. Of course, you can cancel at any time.


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